Annual Report 2018

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2018 was AWESOME. We don’t really think we could have asked for a better year. Our community has grown, we’ve stretched further, made life richer-er, scaled summits and swam the seas. This year was a year of bigger and better, as well as clearer and more focused. We found our footing for the most part and we added to our team. AND THERE IS STILL SO MUCH MORE WE CAN DO! Look out 2019, you’re about to get got.

Over the course of 2018, we held a total of 24 events, including our Summer Stretch series, Evening Stretch, our U.S. launch, 1st Birthday Party and our Gym+Swim Christmas Party! There’s so much more to come in 2019 starting with our 2nd birthday celebrations on January 19th!

In 2018 we were lucky enough to partner with organisations like Galz Gone Wild, BEO Wellness and collaborated on events like Wellfest. Here’s to many more beautiful partnerships in 2019!

According to maths, this is how many coffees the G+C team have drunk this year. But considering we guestimate that Retail Queen Natalie drank 1,623 on her own, this seems like a low number…

This is the size of the Gym+Coffee community now! In 2018, nearly 10,000 more of you signed up to be a part of a growing community of people who Make Life Richer. We also grew our fulltime staff crew by double!

You guys have tagged us in this many countries now, 58 at last count! It’s crazy how much you lot travel. Can we come next time?

The percentage of increase in coffees consumed by our CEO, Niall since starting Gym+Coffee. Get involved Niall!

The exact* number of times Head Marketing Maestro, Diarmuid has been ‘super excited’ online, in blog posts and through social media, according to our very reliable stats is 326 individual times. 2019 is looking to be super-duper exciting. Uh-oh.

*Exact is stretching it. But he’s been super excited, super lots.

The number of times Ireland have beaten the All Blacks this year.
The number of Kiwis we have on the team.
The number of awards we were shortlisted for (yay!)
The number of times Diarmuid saved Christmas.
The number of times we have used a drone.
The number of people who told us we we're sending too many emails over the holiday period.
The number of events we held in the middle of a storm.

It was a bitter and biting -10 celsius in New York when we held our first ever U.S. event and the Gym+Coffee community was officially launched Stateside! Next time, we’ll think about something a little more summery...

The total number of kilometres traveled by Gym+Coffee staff (per person) to get to events on two different continents in 2018. We really wish we had started collecting air points from the get-go...

After close examination of the numbers, we were able to conclude that the exact number of transport vans Gym+Coffee purchased in 2018 was ZERO, much to Diarmuid’s dismay. Here’s to a 2019 with 100% MORE VANS.

We’ve been asked approximately 53 times now where our gym is. Oddly enough, we’ve also been sent around 17 sample floor tiles by gym-floor manufacturers; we assume in the hopes that we will build a gym…? Stay tuned, you never know….

We opened exactly 2 stores in 2018! Our first location in Dundrum went from being a 2-week pop-up to our permanent flagship retail base and we opened our location in Arnotts for the holiday period and to help satiate your Gym+Coffee needs and wants! Late last year, we started doing a little measuring and a whopping 20,989 of you crossed our Dundrum threshold since October 24th, 2018. WOAAAHHHHHHHH.

If you took every Pink Fleck Hoodie we’ve ever sold and laid them sleeve-to-sleeve-to-sleeve, this is how far they would stretch! That’s about the equivalent of 664 African elephants stacked on top of each other or the distance from St. Stephen’s Green to the Guinness Storehouse!

This is the name of the awesome dude who bought one sized t-shirt from us and ended up with a different size and loved it and subsequently invited us to his ‘gun show’ and now we are thinking of making him our Lead Hoodie Tryer-Onner. BTW, we received 241 applications for that role. Are we hiring…?

Gym+Coffee’s self-appointed ‘biggest fan’ owns a massive EIGHT of our hoodies. That’s a lot. And we couldn’t be more proud.

The most used emoticon/emoji of 2018! We know this one’s got a few different interpretations. We’re pretty confident though that it’s main meaning for our community has been the constant high-five. Aiming for more of that in 2019 plus we are really gunning for a raccoon emoji as well. Who do we talk to about that…?

We received one well thought-out and very polite email and sample t-shirt from a ‘fan’, suggesting we perhaps try to be a bit more inclusive next year by creating a brand-branch called Gym+Tae. We like your thinking. We’re considering it.

250k - SO MANY OF YOU CAME TO OUR WEBSITE! That’s a big number folks. Thank you for the support. We are doing our best to up our game in all aspects of the business, so be on the lookout for more blogs, articles, emails, events, products, and collaborations this year. Yay!

Our Urban Stretch Crew ran (approximately) 342 kilometres EACH this year, including at least 2 marathons. These gals met at one of our Summer Stretch events and have been jogging as a team ever since!

We launched Gym+Coffee primarily as a Men’s Hoodie brand. My word, did we get our ratios mixed up. Women’s athleisure wear now makes up more than 70% of all our gear sold! Go on the ladies!

All of the products that we thought about making but didn’t quite execute on (possibly for the best)

  • Gym+Coffee Scooters
  • Coffee flavoured slippers
  • Christmas decorations made entirely of toasted ham & cheese croissants
  • Leggings that light up when you get close to a cafe
  • Coffee-scented Christmas tree ornaments
  • Gym-scented Christmas tree ornaments (huh?)

In 2018, on our way to our inaugural U.S. launch, we lost a total of 55 hoodies to U.S. Customs agents at the border because we had absolutely no idea what we were doing. You live and you learn though. God Bless America.

We took 138 days to actually deliver on the leggings we promised you after we told you that they were ‘coming soon’. Our bad. We’ll be a little speedier next time… How ‘bout those leggings though, eh?