Annual Report 2019

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We have a BOD now

In 2019, Brian O’Driscoll joined Gym+Coffee as our official Head of Community and to be honest, we are still a bit shell-shocked. He’s an absolute Irish + International legend and we are SO EXCITED to have him on board and part of our community.

Full Credit

2019 was HUGE for us in so many ways. While trophies might not be the way we typically measure our achievements, it has been so motivating for us to receive industry and peer recognition for the work we’ve put into Gym+Coffee and in 2019 we were the recipients of 4 awards! Check out some of our 2019 business highlights here.

This is not a hoodie

More than just a hoodie brand, now we make hoodies without hoods. Madness. Apparently, these are called crewnecks. We have several and while there’s a very special place in our hearts for hoodies WITH hoods, these things are pretty awesome. What a world we live in.


Our 2nd birthday back in January 2019 was a roaring success with the most attendees and goals-in-boxes we’ve ever had! The weather was a million times better and you could feel the motivation in the air. This year is shaping up to be another massive celebration with a bit of a twist and a theme. We’re supporting the 20X20 movement to get 20% more female sports participation, game attendance and media coverage in 2020! We’ll be pledging personal and 20X20 goals in the box this year!

We have a baby now

WE GOT A BABY!!!! Err… well… Our CEO had a baby and we are absolutely besotted and refuse to let him let Baby Z wear anything other than G+C gear or Irish sports jerseys. We haven’t been allowed to dress her up as Brian O’Driscoll yet though. Niall keeps saying something like ‘guys, she’s not a toy’.

(Office) Space! The Final Frontier!

We moved! Twice! The team grew a bunch this year and so we moved offices to make a bit of extra space and then we moved again to make a bit of extra, extra space. Now we have a fridge + a kettle and make no mistake, it’s pretty excellent.

Location, location, location!

In 2019 we opened two brand new retail locations in Mahon Point, Cork and Crescent Shopping Centre in Limerick PLUS we ran 2 pop-up stores in Arnotts and Swords Pavilions too! Online is AMAZING and brick and mortar is most definitely alive and kicking. 2020 is set to be another big Clubhouse year for us. Are we coming to a town near you…? Stay tuned!

Greg O’Shea: Best Friend

We became best friends with Greg O’Shea. He’s great. We do everything together. He says he doesn’t remember what his life was like before we were in it. None of this is true but he does like our gear and has been super engaged with our community and as far as we’ve been able to tell, he’s a stand-up dude who’s gonna go far. Thanks for 2019 Greg! We appreciate you!

Hollywood Calling

In 2019, Audrina Patridge wore our Green Fleck hoodie on The Hills: New Beginnings and we totally Stan for that. And Her. And everything about this situation. Audrina. Call us?


In 2019 we grew to a community of 100K+. You wonderful folks have stood up and shown your support for everything we’re doing here at Gym+Coffee in our quest to Make Life Richer and we couldn’t be more humbled by the show of love and proud of how much you guys have achieved.

Gone to the Dogs

A 2019 stroke of genius: Gym+Coffee Dog Hoodies and possibly the most fun we’ve had on a photoshoot ever. Available in pink + blue; BYO dog. And then there was the Dundrum Doggo Event...

Eau de Café

Do we make perfume now? Do we? Definitely not. But April Fool’s Day 2019 caught one community member by surprise when they bought our Eau de Cafe parfum. They didn’t get their hands on the world’s newest fragrance, but they were an excellent sport and became the first-ever owner of G+C socks!

Community Stories

Our new Community Stories video series is one of our favourite things from 2019. An opportunity to celebrate and get to know the groups, teams and individuals that make up the G+C Community, take a couple minutes to check out the likes of wheelchair rugby legend Ciara Staunton or the friends-who-run-together Urban Run Project!

Marathon Man

Our very own Head of Product completed the Dublin marathon this year making us all very proud and also all very much in awe of the commitment to training required to pull off a feat like this! Yay Karl!

Nurturing Growth

2019 has brought major growth to our brand. In the year just gone, we said goodbye to some truly fine folk (we miss you terribly!), AND we’ve been able to welcome some epic humans who continue to help G+C grow into the greatest athleisure brand and community the world has ever seen!!!

Think Pink

No matter what life throws at us, or how much things might change, there’s been one constant in our G+C lives: The Pink Fleck Hoodie. We love it. More importantly, YOU love it. And this beautiful babe is Not. Going. Anywhere. This hoodie has been our most popular item since day one. And to think we were only going to be making hoodies for dudes to begin with… Long live PINK!

Is it any wonder?

Hoodies in the Wild has been a staple in the G+C community engagement scene since day one. And in 2019, we were proud to announce that collectively, you have now visited (and snapped hoodie pics!) at all 7 of the modern wonders of the world. As well, of course at the last remaining ancient wonder, Giza!

Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.

Yep. It’s still the fuel that fires our engines. Where would we be without coffee? Asleep, most likely. How many did we drink in 2019? We lost count at a billion and twelve. Learn more about our coffee here.

Playing Our Part

As a small entity (or a single person!) it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to achieving clear sustainability goals and measures. It’s important to us that we play our part and in 2019 we began our Sustainability Framework. We’re excited to make some big announcements in 2020 - stay tuned!!


This year, much like last year, saw us partner with some INCREDIBLE people, businesses and events. We were at Wellfest (bigger and brighter in 2019!), we announced our 20X20 support, we were on board with Cali Cali and we held an exclusive event with Google among LOADS more! Bring on more friends in 2020!!!

Irish-made, with love

In 2019, we collaborated with incredible bespoke bag makers, Vel-Oh to create our beautiful, sustainable one-of-a-kind Coffee Bag Collection! All made + designed right here in Ireland, our Satchels, Duffels, Backpacks and Washbags are still a huge hit with you guys and we can’t wait for more partnerships like these in 2020!

Adventure Weekends!

We took our very first Make Life Richer trips together in 2019 when some curious + adventurous G+C folk joined us for our Adventure Weekends in Counties Down and Waterford. Following our very own (excellent, ahem) directions and suggestions from the Gym+Coffee Make Life Richer Map, we went mountain biking, hiking, Waterford-Greenway-cycling; we did yoga and we made some pretty great new pals. More community adventures are around the corner in 2020. Get involved!

Make Life Richer Map

In 2019 we launched our Make Life Richer Map, highlighting 11 different regions of Ireland with 33 activities and cafes to test and try to your heart’s content! All the way from West Cork and Kerry through to Donegal and Antrim, we’ve covered some amazing tracks + trails (and even a Buddhist retreat a cable car and a rope bridge)! Stay tuned in 2020 for some awesome updates!

Summer of Stretch

In the year that was, you all turned out in the biggest numbers in G+C history for our annual Summer Stretch Series AND we held our first-ever Make Life Richer Day. Literally, thousands of you joined us, our awesome instructors plus Brian O’Driscoll for a full month of socialising around exercise, culminating in our mini-festival-style Make Life Richer Day. Bring on 2020!

A lesson in FREAKING OUT!

We made beanies. Then we put a bobble on them. Then you guys freaked out. Bobble beanies were hands down the biggest runaway success of 2019. Who knew pompoms would be so popular?

All-in-all it was another stellar year here at Gym+Coffee and we have all of you to thank for how far we've come and how much we've grown. We cannot wait to see what wonderful things 2020 has in store for us all to Make Life Richer!!