Annual Report 2020

No doubt about it, 2020 was a rollercoaster ride. A merry-go-round. A bit of a game of snakes and ladders, if you will….
Click on the tiles below and check out the highs, the lows, and some random bits in the 2020 Edition of the G+C Annual Report: SNAKES + LADDERS!

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Here's to a brand new year with more community, more craic and all the ladders you can dream of!

Jan 1st

New year, 2020 lets go!


In a year where most of us were in lockdown for… ehhmmm…. Loads of it, you all still made the most of your local surroundings and our Pic of the Week bar has been seriously raised! From Australia to Antrim, your travels spanned all corners of the globe and we can’t wait to see where 2021 takes you all and your hoodies!


In 2020 we turned THREE!!!!! Hard to believe it (time flies when you’re having fun) and we marked the occasion with our annual walk up the Sugarloaf in Wicklow. This year, we asked you all to put some special goals in the box, letting us know how you could better support women in sport. Which brings us to...


The 20X20 campaign! We were so lucky and incredibly proud to be a small part of this awesome initiative advocating for a 20% increase in media coverage of women’s sports, 20% more participation and 20% higher attendance at women’s games. How are you supporting women’s sport in 2021?


2020 saw the release of our first-ever hoodie with ZERO ZIPS. Crazy, right? They don’t call us innovators for nothing. The Chill Pullover is now a staple in the G+C wardrobe and though zips will always be close to our hearts, there’s nothing like snuggling up in one of these.


Early in 2020, when in-person events were still a thing... we partnered with The Skin Nerd to bring you FitSkin February! This series of events took us on an Irish road trip to all our stores where Jennifer Rock and her team took us through best practice for keeping your skin as glowy and dewy as possible!


40,000 of you! 40-freakin’-thousand on Instagram alone! Our community grew so much and it never ceases to amaze us how engaged and supportive you guys all are. Gym+Coffee is built on the strength of this incredible community and we can’t-stop-won’t-stop thanking you all.


Our experiential pop-up Clubhouse at Liffey Valley opened in 2020 and for a time, our schedule was jam-packed with in-store events including yoga sessions, breath workshops and even a VIP TikTok dance class! Life in the Valley has been so, so sweet!


One of our proudest moments of 2020 was securing our partnership with One Tree Planted. OTP plants trees to help with crucial global reforestation efforts and now our community can be a part of this awesome work. Anytime you purchase G+C, you can now also donate a tree to be planted.


Ireland clocked it’s first Covid case in late February and the year very quickly became a lot different than any of us had imagined. A scary time for so many people as we made our way into unknown territory, but the care, optimism and support you all showed us and each other has been truly phenomenal.


We marked International Women’s Day by bringing together 5 brilliant athletes to talk about what sport has meant to them, and how they maintain a balance between competing and working. We were joined at our Dundrum store by nearly 100 community members at our IWD Women in Sport Panel event!


The Fast Track jacket burst on the scene in 2020 (though we can’t imagine a time when this speedy number wasn’t in our wardrobes). Adding to our Commuter Range the Fast Track is now a firm fashion fave.


Was this the most low-key Paddy’s Day that ever existed? You know the world’s changed when IRELAND cancels it’s St. Patrick’s Day parades… March 17th, 2020 saw most of us doing a bit of WFH followed by an online yoga sesh… The quietest Paddy’s Day there ever was.


A really sad day for so many across Ireland as retail and hospitality shut their doors for an indefinite period, in an effort to stop the spread of Covid. We switched the lights off in our Clubhouses and moved everything completely online. Necessary, important, but heartbreaking nonetheless.


To stay connected as we all plunged into lockdown, we kicked off a challenge for April to start or try something new! The platform? Our Make Life Richer Community Hub! Since then, the MLR Hub has become a place to share ideas, offer support and sink your teeth into some exclusive content! Get. On. Board!


The number of times someone said ‘You’re on mute’, ‘Sorry, that was my dog’, ‘Hang on, there’s just someone at the door’, or ‘Bollocks, my WiFi is acting up again’ on a zoom phone call in 2020. And to be honest, it seems like in 2021 we might be topping that number…


Our gorgeous Cork store in Mahon Point turned a whole year old in 2020 and was the first of the bunch to have a lockdown birthday. Our Cork community is so full of life and their support really helped our team get through a tough few months. Here’s to many more celebrations to come for the crew from the real capital…!


Was Tiger King last year? Is it really that long ago?? Was 2020 really that long??? Either way, Tiger King, Ms Baskin and the absolute saga wrapped up in this sage kept us entertained good + proper for a hot minute and then all of a sudden… Everyone seemed to forget about the Tigers… Weird.


As boredom set in heavily, the G+C Crew (and the entire world) turned to TikTok to relieve the mundane. Any excuse to get a little bit weird, everyone from HQ to retail staff embraced the platform and we thoroughly encourage you to head to our account for an insight into just how strange we can get...


€18K and over 9,000 coffees delivered, The Greenwave was an initiative we were overjoyed to be a part of. The Greenwave crew raised funds and served coffees to our frontline workers in Ireland during the height of the Covid crisis in 2020. Thank you to all of you who donated and brought a smile and a bit of caffeine to some very deserving folk!


No, but, actually. Was literally everyone obsessed with making sourdough in 2020? No longer a thing that your Nan tells you about, making bread became the biggest trend of 2020. Every person of every age seemed to be racing to get their hands on a sourdough starter and instagram the hell out of the results.


The global pandemic brought with it so many challenges and as orders came in, we needed to find a way to keep up with the demand. Enter: Irish company PCH. Helping us to manage our supply chain more efficiently, PCH was integral to ensure we had the right gear, at the right time for our community.


Summer Stretch went solely online for the first time since its inception and our instructors didn’t miss a beat. So many of you rallied to join our virtual events with Back2Basics, The Squad, Platinum Pilates and the Sanctuary Runners and the feedback was fantastic.


You asked for them, so we made them. Our men’s joggers were a huge milestone in our athleisure offerings and you guys are LOVING them. The Bua (‘victory’ in Irish) and the MVP joggers are one of our own special highlights of 2020. (They’re also available for the gals now too!)


HALLELUJAH!!! We were absolutely ecstatic to have our Clubhouses reopened and to welcome you all back in. It was a tough time for our retail team but the were superstars throughout and completely giddy at the prospect of getting back to serving our community!


The number of times we all said ‘It is what it is’ collectively in 2020. I mean, if there was ever a phrase that captures how we all felt during the year that was, then this is it. But honestly, we’re pretty happy to leave that one behind for a while. C’est la vie.


As the country reopened, we launched the Make Life Richer Map Version 2.0 with more of our island’s wild and wonderful activities and the very best in the cafe landscape to boot. Judging by the year’s Pic of the Week snaps, you guys made the most of the beautiful spots Ireland has to offer.


Long awaited, much-anticipated, our pop-up Clubhouse in Kildare Village was a roaring success and we were delighted to become a part of the KV family. Despite a mid-stay lockdown in Co. Kildare, we had so much fun here and are really looking forward to making a cameo again soon. STAY TUNED.


Did we get better at making coffee at home? Or did all of our taste buds just die of disappointment? Morning coffee runs were a big part of the G+C HQ daily ritual and holy beans did we miss that last year. Maybe our at-home coffee skills aren;t that bad, but nothing beats the real thing from your favourite barista.


Touchdown in the southern hemisphere at long last!!! The launch of our dedicated Australia + New Zealand site is so exciting and the reception down under has been unreal. We can’t wait to bring you loads more content from our Australian pals and in return, we’re hoping they send some of their eternal sunshine our way… Please?


Mind = Blown. In a few short months 10,000 more of you joined our Instagram community and we are so grateful for each and every single one of you every day. Here’s to the ongoing growth + strength of our Make Life Richer Community!


This year we partnered with the incomparable Sanctuary Runners - a social running group with a goal to connect Irish locals with new arrivals to the country, here as refugees and asylum seekers. We are delighted to have joined their cause and committed to donating €6K worth of G+C gear to the crew!


Hot on the heels of our Kildare Village Clubhouse pop-up launch, Counties Kildare, Offaly and Laois were plunged back into lockdown. Do not pass Go, do not collect €200… Community spirit remained strong throughout and luckily we were able to get back up and running not too long after.


2020 saw us partner with Cycling Ireland! In a year when nearly 250K more people took up recreational cycling in Ireland, this was such an exciting step for us to take as a community. Plus, we got to see our Head of Community, Brian O’Driscoll be taken through his paces on a Wahoo Kickr Test. Find out what that means here.


Our brand new baby in Blanchardstown was given a really hard time by the Covid situation with delay upon delay for it’s opening launch. We were absolutely delighted when we finally opened the doors to this Clubhouse and the welcome we’ve received from our B-Town community has been unreal.


Our first ever limited edition collection made its debut in September 2020 to a ravenous crowd, keen to throw things back to brighter days. The Retro Collection launch was a labour of love from start to finish (plus it introduced us to Desert Red and we’ve never looked back)!


Award-winning, recycled bags made by one of our partners and we are the only brand in Ireland offering these!!! These 'Used to be a Fridge' bags literally used to be fridges (among other things) and we are so proud to add these to our sustainable product offerings.


Our first Sports Bra collection launched as part of the Swift family of leggings, bras and scrunchies! These have been flying out the door since they landed on the shelves and a little birdie told us there’ll be some fab additions to the fam in 2021!


Our MLR Hub fam delved deep into Women’s Health during the month of October and we learned SO. MUCH. THINGS. From exercise tips, to mental health matters as well as making your cycle work for you we were joined by some stellar guests and the feedback was on point.


We were absolutely delighted and humbled to be named the winners of the All Ireland Marketing Small Business Marketing Award this year. Our whole team has worked tirelessly to bring you the kind of content and products you want, at the right time, quickly and efficiently. Go team!


It happened. Again. Another serious snake of a moment and heartbreak at having to temporarily close the doors to our Clubhouses once more. But, we all managed to weather the storm and at this point, we kind of had our process down to a fine art. Bring on the reopening!


WHAT AN AMAZING MILESTONE!!!! Our very first international store in the fine city of London! This is a defining moment in the G+C history books and something we’ve been working towards for a while now. A gorgeous store, with friendly faces and an unbelievable community. THE EXCITEMENT!!!!


Gyms closed, gyms opened. Then they closed, then they opened… And all throughout we missed the socialising that comes with going to the actual gym. Our thanks go out to all the PTs that took their classes to the interwebs! We also launched our Training Squad program so if you're a PT - check it out.


The good stuff keeps coming - maybe 2020 wasn’t so bad after all…?! Our first full collection of sustainable garments, The Amárach Collection (‘tomorrow’ in Irish!), includes up to 100% recycled products and is just a part of our road to a more sustainable future. Stay tuned for more sustainable awesomeness in 2021!


As quickly as things happened, they seemed to… errrr…. Unhappen fast as well… We opened the doors to our beautiful London store and within a very short space of time we had to close them again. Restrictions meant our London community had to wait for a little longer to get back on the Make Life Richer train.


Men’s Health Month!!! Hot on the heels of a brilliant Women’s Health Month in the Make Life Richer Hub, we launched a men’s health focus with loads of info from mental health awareness to muscle gains 101. We were joined by some fantastic experts and we can’t wait to do it all again soon!


Our now-famous Gift Boxes went down a treat in 2020 as we all prepped for Christmas however we could in the weird year that was. Always a favourite amongst our community, our gift boxes this year got a sustainable makeover and are all Rainforest Alliance certified!!


THE MADNESS!!!!!! Black Friday was absolutely bonkers this year as everyone’s new uniform became top quality athleisure (and what better way to get your hands on G+C gear than with some extra special specials)! Our site went absolutely crazy and the love for our products was most definitely felt!


Taking Care of Business the best we can in these crazy times. As restrictions eased, our Clubhouse team went to work to welcome you all back to our stores. With safety measures in place, the crew was working hard to make sure you got the gear you wanted with a Make Life Richer smile (under masks, obvs.)!

L-TOWN 2.0

Aaaaaaaaaaand…… WE’RE BACK! The rollercoaster ride continued as London came out of lockdown in unison with Ireland, and our team across the pond got to work to offer our UK community a slice of Irish athleisure. You guys love a Unicrew over there!

10 New HQ Staff

TEN WHOLE NEW HQ STAFF MEMBERS were hired in 2020. That’s madness isn’t it? Our small office team (i.e. WFH Crew) has grown so much and we’re not done yet. Not by a long shot. We'll be getting to know our staff over the coming weeks so keep checking back on our MLR blog for updates!


A quiet Christmas was had by so many. Not what we had hoped for, and a strain on the mental health as families had to limit how many of their loved ones they could see over the holiday period. Zoom chats and socially-distanced get-togethers prevailed in the strangest Christmas we’ve experienced thus far.


Things get worse before they get better, right? On NEW YEARS EVE the country grappled with spiking rates of infection and Ireland went into full scale, Tier 5 lockdown again. Not the fresh start that we were all looking forward to but with big challenges come big gains and we just know there’s a bright future!


NEW YEAR, SAME YOU!!!! You absolutely gorgeous, adventurous, kind, caring creatures, don’t you ever change! We welcome the new year with open arms, big smiles and a healthy dose of that Make Life Richer attitude. Here’s to empathising, galvanising and staying optimistic in 2021, TOGETHER. Happy New year everyone. Thank you for being YOU.

Here's to a brand new year with more community, more craic and all the ladders you can dream of!

Annual Report 2020

No doubt about it, 2020 was a rollercoaster ride. A merry-go-round. A bit of a game of snakes and ladders, if you will….
Scroll up and click on the tiles above to check out the highs, the lows, and some random bits in the 2020 Edition of the G+C Annual Report: SNAKES + LADDERS!