Annual Report 2021

Change the game! Flip the script! Whatever you like to call it, we’ve decided to switch things up for our 2021 Annual Report to mark 5 years as a community. Check out all the key moments of the last 5 years below, then TAKE THE G+C QUIZ to find out your Make Life Richer persona!



The good, the covid and the Nialls of it all


Building an awesome crew! It was a year when our MLR Ambassador family was born and grew out to include some phenomenally talented, inspiring and all-round, SOUND people! To have Aisling McCarthy, Lara Gillespie, Seán Harding, Colin Judge, Eimear Considine + Kellie Harrington all join the G+C crew in 2021 was INSANE. It’s such a privilege to have all these wonderful, unique individuals to learn from, support on their journey and represent G+C in the best possible way. One thing that they all have in common is the embodiment of our values here at G+C. The future is bright!!


Clubhouse MANIA! Throughout the year, we opened 4 brand-new Clubhouses, each opening more blockbuster than the previous! To be bringing all our Make Life Richer vibes to the wonderful people of Manchester, Belfast, Liverpool and Galway is glorious and the reaction from each community has been incredible. Not to mention our two pop-up appearances in Kildare Village! Since starting out in 2017, we’ve quickly realised that offering an omni-channel experience is what our community wanted and 2021 was a big year for growing our presence. Okay 2022… where are we going next?



2021, the year of launches! Dropping new, innovative products brought us unbelievable excitement, minor heart attacks + filled us with anticipation as to how they would land with our community. It’s safe to say that our product team nailed it! With the seasonal CONNECT and RE: CONNECT collections, we saw loads of new products as well as some new colourways + upgrades to legacy styles.


Sprinkle in our vibrant, retro-style Kin Collection drop and our collaboration with the All Things Fiona Lily team, and you’re looking at a lot of release date countdown timers! And the best part? Our product team has grown even further so 2022 is gonna be huge!


The who’s who in the world of G+C Nialls! 2021 saw us team up with Niall Breslin and the Marathon Mind crew for a 9-month journey in which 4 individuals, each with their own challenges in life, completed a full marathon in November. Last year we also decided to break the Internet by announcing the news that Niall Horan had decided to join the Gym+Coffee team as an investor and advisor. Niall’s passion, enthusiasm + global ambitions for the brand have truly blown us away and he even recorded a Sleep Narration track to help our community during Mental Health Month. And our very own Niall Horgan sat down on the couch to chat all things Gym+Coffee + entrepreneurship with Ryan Tubridy on ‘The Late Late Show’.


Taking the time to zone in on ourselves, our community and those who need a little support in their lives. In October, we launched a month-long mental health campaign involving numerous community events including our +Pause holistic wellness pop-up event in central London. Off the back of that campaign, we’ve teamed up with Run Talk Run, an organisation dedicated to increasing access to mental health support through running and walking peer support groups. As part of Pride month in June, we launched our Run With Pride Sports Socks with 100% of the proceeds, €5000 each, going towards our 2 chosen charities; BeLonG To Youth Services and The Proud Trust.



Our history in rhyming verse. Why not?


A community hike to start Year 4,

Then discussions with Women in Sport,

Reforestation efforts granted,

With One Tree Planted,

Little did we know what 2020 had in store.


With that, the ‘Vid reared its head,

Lockdowns to help stop the spread,

Never a crew to lie down,

The Clubhouse fam grew to London town,

Good times, they did lie ahead.


A glimpse of our future direction,

With our first 100% sustainable collection,

Launched our Training Squad,

For folks near and abroad,

A fitness community to help build a connection.

Despite a path that was unclear,

2020 brought bundles of cheer,

Gift boxes went live,

Our team grew 2 times 5,

Positive vibes to close out the year!

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A fridge, a kettle + 2 new spaces,

Our community grew to 100k faces,

By adding a God,

The one and only, BOD,

2019 looked like it was going places.

Not forgetting our 4-legged friends,

Dogs leapt onto our hoodie trends,

Cork opened its doors,

You came in your scores,

To Limerick, our Clubhouse fam extends.



Our beanies, you could never get enough,

We added bobbles for fun + some fluff,

Make Life Richer day,

Exercising with over 1k,

Having the craic is never that tough.

Nature’s best captured in a snap,

We marked adventures out on a map,

Supporting 20x20,

Women in sport aplenty,

Progress still to be made in closing the gap.

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Our 1st birthday began with a trek,

Sugarloaf Mountain conquered in Fleck,

Pledged goals at the top,

Set up our first shop,

Dundrum, our first Clubhouse to check.


For projects + events anew,

It was time to double the crew,

We clocked up the miles,

Brought out fresh styles,

Our first leggings to jump right into.


To the land of giant cookies,

Suitcases packed full of goodies,

Launched in the U.S,

Brief moments of stress,

As Customs seized 55 of our hoodies!

Our community growth blew us away,

It jumped to over 40k,

Water bottles of steel,

Sure it’s only ideal,

Sustainability, there’s no time to delay!

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2017 began with a big reveal,

Taking ideas from imaginary to real,

Hoodies to start,

To look + feel the part,

Top quality to maximise appeal.


Our community continued to grow,

More coffee proceeded to flow,

Summer Stretch began,

Saying “Yes” + “We can”,

Your Pics of the Week to show.


A highlight for us was WellFest,

Teaming up + new products to test,

For the body + mind,

This was one of a kind,

Further interest in us was expressed.


Determined to make this a win,

We rolled the dice and went all-in,

Full-time was the way,

No, not Gym+Tae,

Celebrating with a cold Christmas swim!